From time to time, Dr. Payne is asked questions such as the following:

"Are you the Dr. Philip Payne that's in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame?"

"Are you the Dr. Philip Payne that writes all those books?"

"Are you the Dr. Philip Payne who does the conservative candidate endorsements?"

"Are you the Dr. Philip Payne that makes all those weapons?"

"Are you the Dr. Philip Payne they named the bridge after?"

The answer to these questions are "Yes," "Yes again," "You guessed it," "Without a doubt" and "No, that guy was a dentist and philanthropist." To find the answers to even more questions concerning Dr. Payne, follow the links to the right, to read Dr. Payne's latest column, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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About the Writing of Dr. Philip A. Payne

Dr. Philip Payne began his writing career with the submission of a freelance article to a local newspaper, the Spencer County Leader, when he was only fifteen years old. He submitted several more freelance articles to various publications, with nearly all of them being accepted for publication.

In college, he submitted a freelance column to The Purdue Exponent and was rewarded both with his first payment for writing and a job as a staff writer. He worked at the City Desk and soon fell in love with the inner workings of local politics.

When Payne returned home to Southern Indiana, he found work writing for the Spencer County Journal-Democrat. While there, he served as a staff writer, desk editor and columnist, building an unprecedented readership for the paper, with responses to his column, "Silent Warriors," coming in from as far away as Europe.

When working at the Journal-Democrat, Payne started "His Warrior's Path," an e-zine designed to serve the needs of believers who are engaged in learning and teaching the combative sciences. The amount of information coming through his hands became so big, that a need arose to find another means of dissemination and readers were eventually broken up into two different facebook groups, through which Payne continues to pass items of collective interest.

Through the years, Payne has written several books, most of which have been reprinted in multiple editions. He is currently working on several upcoming book projects.

Additionally, he is a staff writer for the National Examiner. His Church and State opinion column, The Good News and the other news, is slanted specifically toward readers in Southern Indiana, however, he receives feedback from readers all across the United States and Europe.

In 2008, Dr. Payne started Planters' Literary Agency, with the intention of edifying, encouraging and assisting aspiring writers of biblically sound material in their efforts to be published. The company later expanded to include electronic publishing and website design.

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